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Preliminary results of 2022 AMO Election of National Officers

The following tally for the American Maritime Officers 2022 Election of National Officers was provided by TrueBallot, Inc. on December 7. The final report of TrueBallot and the preliminary report of the AMO rank-and-file Tallying Committee will be posted as soon as they are available for publication.

National President:

426 Paul Doell

254 Ervin Curtis

189 Kevin Stith

National Secretary-Treasurer:

379 Bob Rice

256 John Giles

218 Charles A. Murdock

National Executive Vice President:

439 Willie Barrere

250 Kurt Breitfeller

169 Chad Morin

National Vice President Deep Sea:

453 Jeff Richards

244 Carl Broekhuis

151 David Powers

National Vice President Government Relations:

469 Christian Spain

248 Alexandra Hagerty

139 Taylor Clear

National Vice President Great Lakes:

426 John E. Clemons

403 Justin vonSprecken

National Vice President Inland Waters:

515 Danny Robichaux

321 Clifton Sawyer

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