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Courses now underway at STAR Center's new Military Sealift Command Training Facility

STAR Center is pleased to announce the new Military Sealift Command Training Facility, which includes a Small Arms range, formally opened with the beginning of its first Small Arms class on November 14.

Construction of the new facility was approved by the AMO Plans Trustees and began in June 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic excluding use of our previous outside facility. It also addressed the need to ensure access to training for those who are, or will be, employed on MSC-contracted vessels with AMO.

Attending the inaugural training week were: First Assistant Engineer Donald Harrell Jr., Second Mate Thomas Kozarski, Chief Engineer Randall Macy, Third Assistant Engineer Sarah Phillips, Second Mate Michael Schmid, Second Mate Jose Villalobos and Captain Horatiu Vintila.

The new facility marks a significant milestone for the AMO Safety and Education Plan by ensuring STAR Center has the ability to meet all operational training needs for its AMO eligible participants at its Dania Beach campus and waterfront locations now and in the future.

Working with Military Sealift Command, STAR Center has secured the ability to offer additional MSC-required courses in the new facility. As approval from MSC is received, these additional courses will be scheduled and announced in AMO Currents and listed in the AMO newspaper course listing and the online posted schedule.

Enrollment questions or applications should be directed to Student Services at 1-800-942-3220 Ext. 201 or .

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