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Time is running out for AMO members who need to request a duplicate ballot

American Maritime Officers members who have not received their ballot package in the mail for the 2022 AMO Election of National Officers - either at their primary address on file with the union or at an alternate address if they provided one for the ballot mailing on August 1 - or who need a duplicate ballot for other reasons will need to request a duplicate ballot very soon in order to provide enough time for it to be returned by mail and received at the depository by the December 1 deadline.

Under the requirements specified in the AMO National Constitution, voted ballots must be received by mail at the depository no later than December 1, which will fall on a Thursday this year. Therefore, each AMO member will need to mail their voted ballot far enough in advance of December 1 to ensure it arrives by mail before the deadline. As stated in the AMO National Constitution, ballots not received at the depository on or before December 1 will be disqualified.

Because the question has been asked, having a ballot "postmarked" on or before December 1 does NOT prevent a ballot from being disqualified. Ballots must be returned by mail and received at the depository in Dania Beach, Florida no later than December 1.

The AMO National Constitution does not state a cut-off date specifically for requesting a duplicate ballot; however, if you need a duplicate ballot and do not request one very soon, it is very unlikely that you will receive one in enough time to be able to return it by mail and have it received at the mail depository on or before December 1.

If you have not received a ballot package, if your original ballot is lost or damaged, or if you need your ballot sent to an alternate address, including the vessel aboard which you are working, you can send a request for a duplicate ballot . In your message, you must include the address to which you will need your duplicate ballot mailed. Additionally, please specify that you did not receive your original ballot package, that your original ballot package was lost or damaged, or that you need your ballot sent to an alternate address.

TrueBallot, Inc. will mail a duplicate ballot package either to your primary address or to an alternate address if one was requested. Only one ballot per member may be cast.

Active AMO members and applicants can verify their primary mailing address on file at AMO National Headquarters on the AMO website. On the website, each member or applicant can use the Member Log In tab from a computer or mobile device to log into the Member Area of the website. By selecting either "Member Profile" or "Dues/Initiation Statement" at the top of the page, members and applicants can open a document that will display at the top the primary mailing address the union has on file for them. Members and applicants can also contact AMO Member Services or by phone at 800-362-0513 extension 1050.

As stated in Article XI Section 3 of the AMO National Constitution: "All duplicate ballots shall be marked either by color or serial number to identify them as such. Duplicate ballots shall be counted unless the original and duplicate ballots mailed to the member are both cast, in which event neither shall be counted. Each duplicate sent by the independent mailing and balloting service shall be recorded on a list maintained by the independent mailing and balloting service."

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