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AMO special meeting set for November 28 to elect rank and file ballot Tallying Committee

A special AMO membership meeting will be held at 10:00 a.m. at AMO Headquarters in Dania Beach, Florida on Monday, November 28 to elect a Tallying Committee, which will have the responsibility of counting AMO 2022 election ballots with impartial election administrator True Ballot, Inc.

This meeting will be conducted in compliance with Article XI Section 4(a) of the AMO Constitution. Article XI Sections 4(a) and 4(b) of the AMO Constitution read in principal part:

Section 4(a): "A Tallying Committee consisting of five (5) members and two (2) alternates, in good standing, shall be elected from those in attendance at special meeting called by the National President or the National Officer officially in charge designated by the National President, at Headquarters on the Monday morning in the week preceding the week of the regular December meetings for the express purpose of electing a Tallying Committee. Five (5) members and two (2) alternate shall be elected at Headquarters. No National Officer or candidate for office or position shall be eligible for election to this Committee. The Committee Members shall elect a Chairman and Secretary.

"The elected Tallying Committee shall, with the independent mailing and balloting service, proceed to the Depository in the Port of Dania Beach, Florida with an empty ballot box prior to the closing of the bank on the day of the regular December meeting."

[This year, the regular December membership meeting will be held Wednesday, December 7.]

"The independent mailing and balloting service and the Tallying Committee shall remove all the ballots from the Depository, count the ballot envelopes and place them in the empty ballot box in the presence of any member in good standing who may be observing.

"The independent mailing and balloting service and the Tallying Committee shall then seal this box and return it to National Headquarters, where it shall remain sealed and in the custody of the independent mailing and balloting service and Tallying Committee until such time as the ballot box is opened and the ballots are checked and counted."

Section 4(b): "The independent mailing and balloting service and the Tallying Committee are charged with the tally of all the ballots and preparation of a report setting forth in complete detail the results of the election, including a complete accounting of all ballots and ballot envelopes, and reconciliation of the ballots and ballot envelopes with the rosters and verification lists of membership. The report shall clearly detail all discrepancies discovered and shall contain recommendations for the treatment of these discrepancies. The independent mailing and balloting service and all members of the Committee shall sign the report, without prejudice however to the right of any Committee member to submit a dissenting report as to the accuracy of the count and the validity of the ballots, with pertinent details. Only members in good standing shall be entitled to be present as observers at the tallying of the ballots."

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