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Rank-and-file Credentials Committee announces withdrawal of candidate from 2022 AMO Election of National Officers

The AMO 2022 Credentials Committee advises that we have received Ricky Caudle's withdrawal as a candidate for AMO National President. Brother Caudle (Card No. 321C) will not appear on the ballot. The acceptance of Brother Caudle's withdrawal was announced at the July 13 membership meeting and will be reported in the minutes of that meeting.

Dated: July 20, 2022

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel R. Picciolo, Chairman, Card No. P263
Daniel Vich, Card No. 180V
Frank Celino, Card No. C396
Glenn Macario, Card No. 440M
Mark Kerr, Card No. 347K
Alfredo Noriega, Card No. 181N
Christopher Richards, Card No. 345R

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