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Instructions for verifying primary address on file, requesting ballot package be mailed to an alternate address for 2022 AMO Election of National Officers

As a reminder, all members of American Maritime Officers, as well as all applicants for membership in AMO, will be mailed a ballot package by the independent third-party election administrator - TrueBallot, Inc. - on August 1 regardless of dues status on that date.

The ballot package will be mailed by TrueBallot to the primary mailing address each AMO member or AMO applicant has in the records at AMO National Headquarters unless an individual member or applicant specifying that their ballot package should be mailed to an alternate address, which can include the address for the vessel aboard which the member or applicant is working.

PLEASE NOTE: The union has to provide a mailing list for the ballot packages to TrueBallot before the August 1 mailing, thus the July 20 deadline for requesting a ballot package be sent to an alternate address. After the mailing on August 1, AMO members and applicants will be able to request the independent election administrator, TrueBallot, send a duplicate ballot package to an alternate address during the election, including the address for the vessel aboard which they are working.

AMO members and applicants who would prefer TrueBallot send their original ballot package to an alternate address (including the address for the vessel aboard which they are working) will need to . PLEASE NOTE: Any such request sent by email will apply ONLY to the mailing of the ballot package and will NOT change the primary mailing address a member or applicant has on file at AMO National Headquarters.

Active AMO members and applicants can verify their primary mailing address on file at AMO National Headquarters on the AMO website. On the website, each member or applicant can use the Member Log In tab from a computer or mobile device to log into the Member Area of the website. By selecting either "Member Profile" or "Dues/Initiation Statement" at the top of the page, members and applicants can open a document that will display at the top the primary mailing address the union has on file for them. If a change in the primary address on file at AMO National Headquarters is needed, members and applicants can download a change of address form from the AMO website, fill out the pertinent address information and send it to AMO Member Services, the email address for which is included on the form.

Separately, instructions for requesting a duplicate ballot package from TrueBallot will be circulated after the initial mailing on August 1.

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