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Nominations open in 2022 AMO election season

Nominations for four-year terms in seven AMO Executive Board positions in the 2022 AMO election opened with the call to order during the regularly scheduled monthly AMO membership meeting at 1:00 PM at AMO headquarters on May 4.

Nominating procedures are specified in Article XI Section 1 of the AMO Constitution. Article XI addresses Election of National Officers and National Executive Board Members: National President, National Secretary-Treasurer, National Executive Vice President, National Vice Presidents.

Article XI provides all procedures and requirements leading to the balloting period beginning August 1, 2022 and ending December 1, 2022, reflecting the January 2018 AMO Executive Board resolution adding 30 days to the voting period in all AMO elections and policy referenda to allow more AMO members coast-to-coast and worldwide to receive ballots and to have these ballots count.

Nominations will close at the opening of the regularly scheduled monthly AMO membership meeting at AMO headquarters on Wednesday, June 1, at which time AMO members will elect a Credentials Committee to determine whether nominations had been submitted properly and whether nominees are qualified to be on the ballot.

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