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STAR Center continues to expand schedule of fully online courses available to AMO officers

STAR Center continues to expand its offering of fully online classes as an alternative delivery method to assist AMO officers in completing their required studies while minimizing travel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the U.S. Coast Guard mostly requiring in-person classes prior to the pandemic, STAR Center has taken full advantage of their requirement change to go from one online class in March 2020 to now having 10 U.S. Coast Guard approved courses available in a fully online format, to include the final exam. STAR Center also offers an additional nine courses in a blended format, whereby the classroom portion is completed online prior to coming to STAR Center, and the formal practical assessments are completed at STAR in a compressed period within six months of the blended class.

Online classes allow AMO officers the flexibility and opportunity of completing some classes wherever in the world they may find themselves. STAR Center will continue to offer classes both online and at STAR Center in the future. While the pandemic causes difficulty in travel, the rotation may tilt more to online classes in the near future, but will be balanced as operations return to normal.

If you have any questions regarding STAR Center's online and blended courses, please contact the Director of Training, Jerry Pannell, at or by phone at (954) 920-3222 Ext. 7507.

The current STAR Center schedule, including online courses, is available on the STAR Center and AMO websites.

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