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COVID-19 crisis forces delay of April membership meeting

The National Executive Board of AMO has agreed by consensus to postpone the regularly scheduled AMO membership meeting at headquarters from Monday, April 6 to Monday, April 27.

Just as when the board acted to postpone the monthly membership meeting last September under threat from Hurricane Dorian, this action is intended to protect the safety of AMO members and applicants - in this case, to limit the risk of membership exposure to the COVID-19 virus while at headquarters and while traveling to and from the meeting.

We understand the difficulties many of you are experiencing on the job or while attempting to get to your job. We are doing everything we can to ease professional and financial hardship, and we appreciate your personal sacrifices and your dedication to the work at hand.

We will make all information available to you as it becomes available to us, and we welcome your questions and comments. AMO officials are in the office and on the job at headquarters and remotely in Washington all day every day to brief you on current developments and to answer questions as accurately and completely as possible under the circumstances.

Thank you.

Paul Doell
March 25, 2020

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