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New Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Course at STAR Center

In recent years, the Engineering Department at STAR Center has been very busy with STCW gap closing and other regulatory required training. In line with continual improvement, we are now updating several existing course offerings. The first course to be updated is our five-day Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Course. In the past, this course has utilized PLCs with limited functionality or was computer based. STAR has made a substantial investment in new training technology and has upgraded to Amatrol's PAB53A Programmable Controller System.

The new training system and course has a number of advantages over the previous version. It is a hands-on training system in which users will interact with the PLC through a desktop PC, a human machine interface panel (HMI), and through discrete devices, such as push buttons and switches. Some of the applications covered are a PLC temperature control circuit, constant speed motor control, and variable speed drive control. Discrete inputs and outputs as well as analog inputs and outputs are covered. Topic coverage includes: programmable controller operation, PLC program operations, PLC programming, and troubleshooting. The training program offers hands-on troubleshooting, which is one of the biggest benefits of the new course. Some of the important PLC troubleshooting skills covered are testing inputs and outputs, power supply troubleshooting, processor troubleshooting, testing analog input devices, and application troubleshooting.

Over time, STAR Center engineering courses are being updated with a sharper focus on hands-on skills and troubleshooting. A newer offering is the two-week Machine Shop class, which covers basic lathe skills and some milling operations. The course has been well received and is highly recommended for anyone looking to add or refresh their machining skills. We always invite you to provide feedback on courses you have taken or to make suggestions for future improvements.

Any questions regarding these courses should be directed to Engineering Department Head Shawn Cannon at 1-800-942-3220 Ext. 7803 or via .

Enrollment questions or applications should be directed to Student Services at 1-800-942-3220 Ext. 201 or via .

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