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Reminder: Nomination period advanced for 2018 AMO election, AMO members are advised to confirm mailing addresses with Member Services

As a reminder regarding the 2018 American Maritime Officers election, under the amendment to Article XI, Section 3(g) of the AMO National Constitution adopted in February, the balloting period is lengthened at the front end so the union can meet the required installation of elected officers on January 1, 2019. As a result, the entire election timetable will advance by 30 days.

Candidates for office now have from the commencement of the May membership meeting at AMO National Headquarters until the commencement of the June membership meeting to file their nominations, instead of from the June membership meeting until the July membership meeting.

Ballots for the 2018 AMO election will be mailed on August 1, rather than September 1, adding one month to the balloting period.

All AMO members are urged to confirm their current mailing addresses with headquarters, or to provide alternative addresses if they would prefer that their ballots be mailed elsewhere, as soon as possible. To verify and/or update your mailing address on file with the union, please contact AMO Member Services by phone at 800-362-0513 ext. 1050 or via .
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