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New AMO jobs as union enters drill ship trade with PRONAV FLEX CREW (SM) program

American Maritime Officers members now have the opportunity to sail as senior officers aboard drill ships operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

These new job opportunities - pioneered by AMO officials and staff working with PRONAV Offshore Services LLC over the past two years - are available immediately and approximately 16 AMO officers will initially be hired for senior deck and engineering positions aboard drill ships under the PRONAV FLEX CREW (SM) program.

Hiring for these jobs will be on a competitive basis and PRONAV is seeking resumes/CVs from 50 AMO officers to form the first pool for the drill ship trade. Needed are masters, chief mates, chief engineers, first assistant engineers and second assistant engineers. For deck officers, Dynamic Positioning II experience and certification is preferred but not required.

"These are amazing opportunities for AMO officers to work in a trade with strong long term potential," said AMO National President Tom Bethel. "The FLEX CREW program with PRONAV will provide the membership with the ability to accept lucrative relief work in senior positions aboard drill ships as covered AMO employment.

"I am extraordinarily pleased with the success of the FLEX CREW program and the unique opportunities it is providing to AMO members as union-represented American mariners," Bethel said. "This is a fine example of AMO innovation and credit for this achievement is due to many - including Tom Laird and AMO National Executive Vice President Bob Kiefer, as well as STAR Center Director of Member Training and Officer Development Jerry Pannell - for their hard work and commitment to this project."

Rotations aboard drill ships under the FLEX CREW program will be approximately 21 days plus one day for travel, and the jobs will be considered off-duty or enhancement work, not permanent positions.

PRONAV will sponsor any necessary dynamic positioning training for deck officers hired for these positions, and AMO members who are hired and require additional training or certification will be paid a training wage while they complete any required courses or sea time for their position.

AMO members interested in these opportunities can contact AMO Dispatching at (800) 345-3410, or by or , for assistance in generating formatted resumes/CVs to be submitted to PRONAV for consideration for these positions.

As stated, PRONAV will be selecting 50 AMO members to form the first pool for the following positions: four each of master, chief mate, chief engineer, first assistant engineer, and second assistant engineer. The company is seeking 10 resumes/CVs for each rating. As noted, AMO members applying for master or chief mate positions should have Dynamic Positioning II certification, if possible.

The information being sought by PRONAV includes:
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport No. (not less than 6 months)
  • Seaman's book
  • USCG license No.
  • Home address
  • DP II certificate (if possible)
  • Valid medical certificate (not less than 6 months)
  • Valid drug certificate (no more than 6 months)

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